Screened Room Enclosures

Screened Room Enclosures by Atlas provide constant shade and protection from the elements. You can add sun lights, ceiling fans, and heaters to them to add year-round comfort. Many people choose to add hot tubs to their screen rooms for great year-round use. Whether you choose a fixed or powered screen room you will be delighted.

Fixed Screen Rooms

Fixed screen rooms have durable year-round screens allowing you to always have your screen in place. This provides year-round protection and ventilation. The screens are made of a durable vinyl screen material to resist tears from pets and children.

Powered Screen Rooms

Powered screen rooms provide you the option to raise your screens with the touch of a single button by remote or a wall switch. This opens your screen room to give it an amazingly open feel providing greater access for daily activities or entertaining events, while also giving you the option to have the screen down to make your space more private and protected from the outside.

Take a look at our photos and watch our video to learn more, then give us a call or email us so we may see you at the convenience of your home.

Patio Rooms

Atlas Patio Rooms are completely custom and never made from a kit. This enables the use of the highest quality materials from our manufacturers. We design what you want right at your kitchen table then build you your dream room. This both adds to your enjoyment of your home as well as your resell value when that day comes.


Whether adding a deck or resurfacing your existing deck we can do it for you. A deck can completely transform a home at a much lower price than a patio room or screen room. Learn more about Decks…

Patio, Deck and Porch Railings

The railings you add to your patio, deck or porch can make a great difference as to the way the home looks. This can be, as some say, the icing on the cake. Atlas offers an incredible selection of railing options to give your home the style and add the beauty you desire.

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